& Stefane Goldman

It was in 1991 that we recorded our first “album” together. Homemade on his 4 tracks K7, in a few days in his living room transformed into a small studio. Humor, rock, funk, metal, ballads, and more humor. All distributed unofficially, and played noisily on stage at the Jules Ferry high school in Paris. Probably one of the only high schools in the capital that at the time had such a rock festival, organized by Alexis Mauri, aka Alexkid. Who would believe that the direction of a college would entrust this responsibility to a 16 year old teenager with a strong character?

Alexkid et Stefane Goldman at QDS studio in Paris 2021

Precocious producer, he already had a precise vision for each musical project. He embraced the house/techno scene and the first raves quite quickly, i freely admit today that I didn’t understand this phenomenon at the time, when musical genres were still a matter of separate clans. Alex was on the border of rock, punk and disco, an eclecticism that brings us closer.

Together, we made our first recordings at the Taklab studio (owned by Taktic Music) on a Studer 24-track tape recorder. And when, in 1997, he asked me to play guitar on his first EP, i discovered a completely different way of approaching my instrument and the sound in the studio. The evolution of the technique towards the numerical occurring at the same time in music, the first audio software was going to become the standard and it will be thus my first contact with this new world.
At the dawn of the 2000’s he hit it big with the hit single “Come with me“, and its two albums released by F Communications are acclaimed by the critics. he entered the circle of the great names of the French Touch and through him, the scent of electronic music gradually invaded me.

Alexkid at Taklab, Paris 2002

Working together has always been very natural since our first collaborations. He for the technical and practical side, I for the spontaneity and instinctive side.
In our artistic relationship, we have been able, over the years, to learn from each other, from our knowledge, and from our respective talents.

When, in 2018, I started to work on my first tracks under the Goldmoon entity, he was the one who was led to listen to my tests, so i could benefit from his wise advice.
Today, the desire to share new musical adventures is still intense. Creation, sound design, recordings, who knows what the future will bring?

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Alexkid 2010

Pick it up  – Alexkid x Stefane Goldman (guitare / co composition)


dans la presse

“This funky house imagined by Alexis Mauri is distinctly in the wake of the best current electronic productions…”
Rolling Stone

“A record to prolong the summer, in the venerable tradition of the deep-house sung by Adonis and other Mr. Fingers, where carnal melodies are highlighted by a flexible and chiseled production…”

“Mauri and a cast of guest musicians have created a very accomplished and imaginative collection of songs with real emotional impact…”

“Alexkid loves to tell stories, we love to listen to them…”