& Stefane Goldman

During the first meetings to get to know each other better, we talked a lot about music. Of course Nina Simone and Tracy Chapman, that seemed logical to me. But when she also mentioned Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Wu Tang Clan, I was pleasantly surprised. And that was just the beginning! What Imany and other artists i care about have in common is their desire to break away from the cliché that can stick to their public image. Especially at the beginning of a career.

During our many writing sessions, we completely immersed ourselves in our common references, our inspirations. An eclectic mix of Anglo-Saxon pop music but also classical, hip hop or rock.

Imany et Stefane Goldman at Taklab studio in Paris 2014

Between us all the means are good to compose. Each one can bring an idea, a desire of a certain sound or an atmosphere. And also a lot of improvisations, of letting go.

Some songs require more work than others, but we never see the time pass. And from all these hours of creation, conversations and exchanges around the music, a great complicity was born. And Imany became like a sister to me. We did concerts quite quickly. From my position of backing guitarist, i saw from the start an audience that was captivated and intrigued. Although she was often physically paralyzed by stage fright, the public perceived a stature and a voice beyond the common.

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Imany and Stefane Goldman

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“We did a lot of writing sessions in Dakar. We laid the foundations of voice and guitar, notably with Stefane Goldman, with whom I composed a lot of songs…”

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“All day long, I compose on the guitar, write and work in the studio with Stefane Goldman…”

Une journée avec Imany | Elle | 10 juin 2011