& Stefane Goldman

The old world: two tracks born in a young musician’s room, not yet autonomous, recorded on a four-track tape recorder. At that time we didn’t imagine that we were laying the foundations of a band. And even less that one of these two tracks would one day illustrate a sequence of an episode of the American series “Dexter”.

The project was born with Ben Mosca, a school friend in Paris. When we met as teenagers, we agreed that good music was Dire Straits and Iron Maiden. Later Ben would expand my musical culture, introducing me to Hip Hop as well as Black Uhuru, King Tubby and the purpose of tape echo chambers.

Alexkid, Ben Mosca et Stefane Goldman


in the news

“A work of goldsmith where each sound is in its place, each arrangement reflected, each silence controlled without ever turning to the clinical experiment…”   Télérama 14/11/2009

“Dub which leans towards an elegant electo-ambient but which does not hesitate to play the melodic card…”

“A bewitching album… In a few breaks, this second try reveals all its depth and its virtuosity. Everything is skilfully orchestrated, down to the slightest click, to create a great purifying torrent for the soul and the auditory canals…”
Les Inrockuptibles

“Dub electrosoft or angry, trip hop sung, ambient decomplexed, hip hop rubbery … of the most open this Relight is not for all that a meeting of drafts. With each title its emotion, its atmosphere…”