2000 – 2004

At the beginning of the 2000’s we started to work: countless gigs in acoustic duo with Thalie and an extra large popular repertoire. Almost as much in trio with Cristal and Matthieu Teteu, to share the best of Brazilian music. I will also have the pleasure to play in the very first formation of the singer-bassist-actor Bibi Tanga when his albumLe vent qui soufflewas released. And it is in company of Jota cia do Forro that we will have made discover to the Parisians the Forro of the Brazilian North-East. There will also be feverish reggae-soul-pop jam sessions with Leeroy King. Not to mention other memorable evenings with the percussionist-singer Narjess Saad, federator of the first rank. I’m sure I’m forgetting.

& Stefane Goldman

In 2004, I was contacted (thanks to my double nationality!) to support a certain Max Cavalera during an acoustic live on Oui FM. It is thus in a not very Metal context that I meet the leader of the mythical band Sepultura that I adulated 15 years earlier. Following this very pleasant acoustic session, Max, who has always liked to take risks and combine different musical atmospheres, proposed me a collaboration on the next Soulfy

He was looking for the privacy of a studio where we would not be disturbed by his fans. We spent an afternoon at Taklab (Taktic Music‘s studio) where he let me listen to the instrumental track Soulfly V on which the virtuoso Marc Rizzo had already recorded an electric guitar. Then he let me play what I felt on the acoustic guitar. I also tried my hand at mandolin and Indian sitar. We also put together a bonus track, a sequence I programmed with one of his riffs that he never released. Which may be re-released one day?
At the desk, my friend Alexid, I was at home, a day definitely out of the ordinary.

Soulfly Dark Ages (Feat Stefane Goldman)

Max Cavalera à Paris en 2005 pour enregistrer avec Stefane Goldman le titre Soulfly V

“On the Prophecy tour, when we went to play in Paris, I went to record an acoustic track on the radio, and I really like how it turned out. With Stefane, it’s the coolest thing I’ve done in such a quick collaboration…” Interview Max Cavalera 04/01/2005

Jil Caplan
& Stefane Goldman

In 2006 Jil Caplan decided to come back on stage after a few years of break to promote “Derrière la porte”. A pop album tinged with subtle touches of electronics, certainly my favorite album of his career. For the occasion I found myself surrounded by great musicians: Jean Christophe Urbain (Les Innocents), Franck Marco and Christophe Violant. I had to adapt myself, to find my marks. Working with Jean Christophe Urbain was a great learning experience, he is a great multi-instrumentalist with a flawless rigor and a great creativity. Valentine (aka Jil Caplan) constantly encouraged me to try different approaches to guitar playing and sounds, while ensuring the consistency of his universe.

This first real professional experience outside of my home network was important, necessary and unforgettable in my career.

Jil Caplan et Stefane Goldman, live 2007 Francofolies

Photos/Videos Galahad

& Stefane Goldman
  • BustaFlex

  • Sidney h.i.p h.o.p

  • Sir Samuel

  • Johan dalgaard et Stefane Goldman

  • Fefe

  • Michel Alibo

  • Karl the voice

  • Soklak

Photos Boris Wilensky

Blending blues, soul and hip hop was the ambitious mission of two young producers, Sidney Regal and Michael Minacca, when they came up with the idea of the Blackstamp project in 2007. If the album, mixed by Russel Elevado in the USA, was unfortunately released in the shadow, Blackstamp gave some intense Parisian concerts and allowed me to share great moments with exceptional musicians.
A lot of pleasure and fun to co-produce and co-compose with the talented Johan Dalgaard. Surrounded by Michel Alibo, Franck Mantegari, Jacques Scwartz Bart, Guillaume Poncelet, Sir Samuel, Fefe, Casey, Busta Flex, Mihuma … Exciting creation sessions, which have rocked more than once the Davout studios, where this joyful team had taken its seats. And a new experience that will lead me to collaborate with Sir Samuel (ex Saian Supa Crew) as a guitarist and co-composer on some tracks of his album « Gallery » released in 2011.

& Stefane Goldman

Flow had not planned anything… even more self-taught than me and without any career ambition, at least in the music industry. However, all those who have crossed her path, worked with her or heard her songs have fallen for her eloquence, often acid, but also poetic. A strong voice, capable of violence as well as gentleness, uniquely written lyrics, and a stage presence that attracts all kinds of audiences.
An angry singer? yes, but adored by several headliners who supported her and whose opening acts we did: Yannick Noah, Tryo, La rue Ketanou, Yves Jamait, Ours, to name but a few. It is with Flow that I knew my first big stages, Zeniths, festivals with thousands of spectators. I always had my seatbelt fastened because most of the time there were no rehearsals. Insane risks, last minute set-lists, improvisations, unlikely guests… but each time, really each time, an audience that was hooked and wanted more.

During this period, three beautiful albums were released, all quite different. I participated as a guitarist, sometimes as a co-composer and co-producer.
Flow will end up refusing the most flattering proposals of the music industry, I want to believe that not everyone is made for that. But it was a very intense adventure, maybe too much for some of us. I prefer to keep only the best of it.


Edo has been performing for a few years on all the stages of France with the wacky and hilarious trio Blond and Blond and Blond. As a composer, he writes some of the most inspired (and sometimes the most amazing) lyrics of French song. He is part of this posse with whom I developed musical composition and arrangements in the early 90s. Before he became a “Blond”, we did concerts, co-wrote and recorded many songs. Some of them are on the album “Raw“, paru sur le label EnT-T en 2010.
But we keep some well hidden in our archives between surrealist delirium, pastiches, musical jokes and experimental blues.


It was in 2017 that my publisher introduced me to Christophe Musset. The band Revolver, of which he was one of the founders, had broken up a few years earlier, and Christophe had just started composing again. As good a guitarist as he is a singer, his pop/folk sensibility evokes a French Sufjan Steven. Captivated by his dark’n’bright universe, I found myself involved in this project both as sound engineer and co-producer, while proposing some rhythmic arrangements, with subtle electronic touches. We sometimes recorded several versions of the same track before being satisfied, and five tracks extracted from these multiple sessions appear on the first EP “Orion +1” released in 2019. Since then, Musset has put his public career as a musician on hold to devote himself to music therapy, a second vocation and now a profession that he exercises with dedication.

Liset Alea

I met Liset Alea a long time ago, when she wrote and performed “Come with me” for Alexkid’s album “Mint”. Following the success of this track, a hit in European clubs, she joined Dubphonic for the superb “The only girl on earth” on the album “Relight” (2009). I always knew that we would work together again. And it’s naturally that I proposed her to participate in my Goldmoon project for which we co-wrote and recorded two tracks (to be released).
In the meantime, I recorded the vocals and some guitars for her album “Heart headed” released by Kwaidan in 2016. Those who have seen her in solo concerts or on tour with Nouvelle vague (of which she was the lead singer for 6 years), have discovered an outstanding performer. An excellent guitarist, she is also a writer with an innate sense of catchy melodies and formulas.

Liset Alea et Stefane Goldman Live Paris 2015

In 2011 Sir Samuel decides to expand his repertoire and take some risks by recording his album “Gallery“. Still based on Reggae and hip hop, but in a form more distant from the traditional Caribbean raggamix that made his reputation. I had a real pleasure to participate on several tracks, both on electric and acoustic guitar. I also co-wrote some of them. Sometimes almost pop rock, even emotional like for example “Mon Hall”, maybe my favorite track of “Gallery”.

Sir Samuel

Blackstamp project made me meet Mihuma. Independent artist, fan of Hip hop as much as of Rock or French song. His approach to music is a mixture of styles. Working on his album “Les esprits clairs voient dans le noir” (2014) was again a real pleasure, especially all the moments to make the guitars sound with the exceptional director Mitch Olivier.